Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why Implement Blended Learning in the Classroom?

Blended learning has caught on in schools and universities, and with that teachers can optimize the timeliness and focus on the curriculum and students can better fit learning time into their schedules.  

Benefits of online learning:

Simple Flexible Logistics: Time is the greatest limitation on learning, and that goes for both teacher and students.  Each of whom has to be both available and in alignment and with the other for face to face instruction. By removing that requirement both teachers and students can participate at a time and for a duration that suits both of their schedules. 

Immediate Results and Feedback: Anyone who has graded papers knows how time consuming it could be.  Many of the standardized tests still rely on evaluation techniques that slow results. Most online learning technologies integrate online quizzes and testing and other tools to more rapidly evaluate the pace of learning. 

Better Retention: With smart design, user experience and multimedia, online instruction can prove to be a richer and more effective learning experience than traditional methods and channels.  

Greater Access to Expertise:  If you take away the limitations of geography and expertise is free to travel almost anywhere.  This transformation allows information on highly specialized subjects to reach more people, paving the way for advances in different fields.  

The Most Up to Date Content at a Much Lower Cost:  Anyone who has enrolled in a college course knows the cost of textbooks.  With the remote delivery of curriculum allows instructors to keep materials up to date, and the lower cost over time.  Remove what for some are obstacles to furthering their education.  

Online learning is still a relatively young industry promising a rich future of breakthroughs, new models of teaching are already emerging that have the potential to take online learning to greater accomplishments.  

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